Assisi’s mission is, first and foremost, to publish works of literature and art that are thoughtful, engaging, and well written/composed. We look for work that examines the human condition, that helps the reader view things from a slightly different angle, and that provokes an emotional response not for mere shock value but rather as a way to open up new ways of thinking about or relating to the world. Assisi is guided by the values of spirituality, morality, social responsibility, and love for the Earth and her people, even when the writing is overtly “not Catholic” in nature.

There is always a need for journals that hold themselves to a high standard and are also willing to provide space for art and literature that are different or challenging. Assisi has become a home for both secular and spiritual works, and the journal provides leeway to allow for experimentation and change. Assisi can publish a long poetry sequence, or micro-fiction, or a hybrid work of literature and art, without compromising the overall aesthetics of the journal.   

Assisi currently accepts submissions on a rolling basis. PLEASE NOTE: Accepted work WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED IMMEDIATELY. We publish either two issues a year - Fall, which appears in December, and Spring, which appears in June - or a Fall/Spring Double issue in June. So, for example, if you receive an acceptance in January, the earliest your work will be published is June. 

Every effort is made to read submissions in a timely manner but it may take up to 8 months for you to receive a response. [PLEASE NOTE: This timeframe may be lengthened due to the pandemic. In addition to pandemic-associated difficulties, the number of submissions we are receiving has increased tremendously.] Because we do allow simultaneous submissions, you may submit your work to other journals as well as to Assisi

SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ANONYMOUS. No identifying information (e.g. author's name and/or address, awards received) may appear on the submission itself.

There is a limit of 1 submission in each genre per person within any 6-month time period. Please hold to the page length limitations below. Occasionally, longer works may be considered but you must send an inquiry directly to the editor (at regarding any work that goes beyond the set limits before submitting it.

Essays: Up to 30 pages total, double-spaced.

Short Fiction: Up to 40 pages total, double-spaced. Novel excerpts will be considered if they are self-contained.

Poetry: Up to 8 poems per submission, single or double-spaced. Please, no more than one poem per page.

Photography and Artwork: Up to 5 works per submission.

We generally do not reprint previously published work, although occasional exceptions may be made to this policy for editorial purposes. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as they are indicated as such and Assisi is notified immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. If you wish to do a partial withdrawal and the message function on Submittable doesn't work, please contact the editor at   

Assisi holds first rights for publication; we also reserve the right to use your name and the title of your work in press releases and on our social media pages. Beyond this use, and following publication in Assisi, rights revert to the author/artist providing Assisi is acknowledged in any subsequent publication of the work.

Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts & Letters